Arising in mid-2003, Abraskadabra is a skacore band from Curitiba - Brazil.

Their influences are found between the melodic punk rock and the third wave of ska, they make it clear, from the first moment, their neck for melodies: evident in their vocal and horn trios. Acting in the underground circuit since its formation and being a great diffuser of skacore in Brazil, Abraskadabra has already played in much of the country and already collects two US tours and a UK / Japan Tour, playing with legendary ska bands like Random Hand, King Prawn, Popes of Chillitown, Jaya the Cat and Call me Malcolm. On this latest tour Abraskadabra had the opportunity to play in big UK festivals such as Boomtown and Rebellion.

The band also made a run to Japan, playing 5 gigs in 6 days in between the UK tour to spread their latest album titled "Welcome" (Feb, 2018), which received good reviews nationally and internationally, praised even by Vinnie Fiorello, drummer of Less Than Jake's legendary ska band.

During those years, Abraskadabra was also always marking presence in relevant shows, sharing the stage with bands like: Bad Religion, Rise Against, Dead Fish, Garage Fuzz, Flogging Molly, Fishbone, Streetlight Manifesto, Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish, Pauline Black (The Selecters), Goldfinger, The Toasters, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Satanic Surfers, to name some.

The band has 2 Demos, 2 Ep's and 2 Albums, the first full length it is called "Grandma Nancy's Oldschool Garden", responsible for disseminating Abraskadabra nationally and making excellent reviews also. For the last work, Welcome, the production was signed by Thiago Trosso (vocalist and saxophonist of the band). The recording of the album was made 100% by the band, from pre-production to post-production; they stayed in a detached house in Curitiba for 15 days for complete immersion and with the intention of bringing the spirit of everything that involved this totally DIY process, formula used in every material ever made by them.

Lastly, it is not only the 16 years on road that confirm the power and quality of Abraskadabra, but also the mood and energy they impose on the music they create, being one of the most interesting and solid bands in Brazil today.

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  • 2 Demos (2004/2005)
  • EP: Destroying Your Mother on The Bed (2008)
  • Full-length: Grandma Nancy´s Old school Garden (2012)
  • Single: Not Your Savior (No Use For A Name Cover) (2013)
  • EP: Fun as in Fungus (2014)


  • Augusto "Papaya" - Trombone
  • Eduardo Ed - Guitar / vocals
  • Eduardo "Maka" - Drums
  • João Paulo "JP" - Trumpet
  • Rafael "Buga" - Guitar / vocals
  • Rodrigo "Japa" - Bass
  • Thiago "Trosso" - Saxophone / vocals





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Talk to the band

+55 41 98866-4121 (Rafael)